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It is generally accepted that the majority of people now research products and services online prior to making a purchase. When you are able to target these potential customers at the very moment they are looking for what your business provides, you increase the chances of making a sale. This is exactly what our PPC management services accomplish.

Successful pay per click advertising services includes many variables and moving parts. Our experts can remove the guesswork and help deliver the maximum value for your advertising budget.

What's Included in HostGator's PPC Services?

Expert Keyword Research

Expert Keyword Research

  • Use local or global targeting, across any device, to locate the perfect customers for your business
  • Minimize irrelevant traffic and optimize your spend with negative keyword lists
  • Monitor your progress with comprehensive reporting

Full-Service AdWords Management Services

Full-Service AdWords Management Services

  • End-to-end campaign creation, including CTAs, phone number, location information, and site links
  • Quality score optimization lowers your cost per click and drives maximum traffic for your budget
  • Conversion tracking and constant iteration to improve your overall ROI

Your Team of Paid Search Service Experts!

Your Team of Paid Search Service Experts!

  • PPC and Google AdWords experts design a campaign customized for your business
  • Dedicated account manager to work with you throughout the lifecycle of your campaign
  • Professional paid search consultants experienced in bid management and ad copywriting

Why Use HostGator Pay Per Click Services?

We’ve been a trusted partner in the web hosting industry for over 15 years. Partner with our team of paid search specialists to create a unique strategy for your business. Our AdWords campaign management service is designed to target your customers at the exact moment they’re searching for your product or service.

How To Get Started

Step 1:  Contact Us

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us today to set up your free initial PPC marketing services consultation. Tell us about your business and goals.

Step 2:  Meet Your Team

Step 2: Meet Your Team

Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to execute each and every aspect of your PPC advertising service campaign.

Step 3: Launch Your Website

Step 3: Launch Your Website

As a result of your successful PPC campaign, you'll now have additional leads from which to produce revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to show up in the top of Google when people search for your product or service? The most effective way to get there is through Pay-Per-Click advertising in Google AdWords. These ads account for the majority of clicks in Google search results. In fact, consumers are twice as likely to click on these ads than they are to click on a regular, unpaid search result.

Google AdWords is a PPC platform exclusive to Google and its advertising network. Your ads will appear in Google search results, related Google properties such as YouTube, and websites that have opted to display ads from Google AdWords. Google AdWords gives your ads a Quality Score, which refers to how effectively your ad group, keywords, ad, and landing page address what your customer is looking for.

Whenever your potential customer searches for a term in your keyword list, you bid for your ad to appear in the sponsored section of search results at the top of Google. You pay Google a small fee for each click your ad drives. An effective paid search campaign minimizes the cost you pay for each click, while ensuring that your ad shows up for your most valuable keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two online marketing strategies aimed at improving your site’s visibility in search engines. The main difference is the cost in driving traffic. SEO involves changes you make within the code and content of your actual website, while PPC is a paid advertising campaign you utilize to drive traffic to your website. Both strategies are complementary to each other and can work together as part of an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy. Contact us to learn more about HostGator’s SEO services.

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A properly launched PPC campaign can generate massive revenue for your business. Don't let potential profit pass you by. HostGator is the perfect PPC management team for you. Our professional and experienced PPC advertisers can help take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. Call us today to start your ad campaign. We will help you reach your target audience with an effective advertising campaign.

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