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We offer flexible payouts starting with a progressive tiered payout!

A dedicated team of Affiliate specialists are available to assist you with our affiliate program. There is absolutely no cost to you to be a HostGator Affiliate, and the earning potential is substantial!


Signups per month:

  • 1-5 .................$65 /signup
  • 6-10 ..............$75 /signup
  • 11-20 .............$100 /signup
  • 21+ ................$125 /signup

Let's do the math...

If you send us 21 signups in any month, you will get

$125 x 21 =


1-2-3 Program Overview

Utilizing our tools to create custom coupon codes and tracking links, you acquire new signups for HostGator services and then receive a commission of up to $125 per qualifying signup! As you can see, our domain hosting affiliate program is an easy way of making some extra cash.

1. Sign up for our Affiliate Program

Signing up is free and easy - click here to apply now!

2. Share your
Affiliate Link

Use your custom coupon code, your affiliate link, and dozens of banners to refer your clients!

3. Earn Commission from HostGator

Once a referral uses your link or coupon code to make a valid purchase, you'll earn a commission!

Affiliate Disclosure Requirements & Examples

Affiliate Program FAQs

Impact provides the technology and payment processing platform we have selected to power the backend of our affiliate program. We have found this to be the best platform to provide you the ability to see reports and earnings, provide links and banners, and view important announcements within the program itself.

Absolutely! Once logged into Impact, you'll see "Resource Links" on your dashboard page. Locate "Request a Custom Promo Code" and you'll be provided step-by-step instructions, screenshots included.

Our payout turnaround for qualified sales is 2 months + 10 days after the month the sale occurred in. This is to account for HostGator's amazing 45 day money-back guarantee which makes our hosting easy to try, at no risk!
To learn more about the details of our program please consult our Terms of Service.

We have the ability to track referrals via both affiliate links and custom coupon codes. The Affiliate is welcome to use both means, either of which results in a credited sale when the signup otherwise meets all of the terms and conditions.